Our House

Our House
is a very, very, very fine house...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pictures to come... or so I'm told

I'm still waiting on my better half to add some updated pics (mostly of the Pre-Drywall inside... hope to take some Post Drywall inside and siding up outside pics this week).  Still, I thought I would give an update.

We got our "official" pre-settlement and settlement dates (7/30 and 8/5) respectively.  Hoping that neither of those change so fingers are crossed.  I had the flu earlier this year so I'm still trying to work out how much time off I can can take around closing.  Hopefully I can make it work for more than just signing the paperwork.  So far, everything has been fine with the paperwork for the mortgage company.  I continually expect to see a "oh we forgot to ask for..." email but nothing yet.

With the Holiday coming up this Friday there is a shortened week but it's exciting that stuff is starting to get done inside the house.  I've requested an update on what to expect over the next two weeks and I'll add it to this post when I get the reply.

UPDATE: If you look at the previous post, there are now updated pictures.  Still have to visit this week for drywall pics.

Also, received the update.  They are finishing up the drywall (probably by Thursday).  They will start the trim on Monday (7/7).  That includes the cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen.  They are planning a finishing coat of paint next Wednesday (7/9) and they start putting in the hardwood flooring (7/14).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Updating the progress...Drywall day!

The pre-Drywall walkthrough went well last week.  I was in Denver for the walkthrough but I've seen the pictures (which hopefully my wife will upload later today).  It's been awhile since I've found time to post (I'm back in Denver this week as well).  That being said, we've seen good progress.  All of the inside is done (wiring, plumbing, insulation, ducting, and whatever else I'm missing).  The inspection was yesterday and (since I haven't heard otherwise) they will do the drywall today.  From what our PM has said, they will get it all done today which is awesome.  Still mudding and sanding to come in the days to follow but it's nice to be at this point.

Haven't had any hiccups in our mortgage paperwork so far except for one.  Once again, our lot change at the beginning of the process bit us in the rear.  We got our official address and the paperwork had the wrong lot listed on it so we had to change the number and initial the change.  The problem was that only the number listed at the top got changed and the one in the body of the form didn't.  So we had to do it all over again which was difficult because I was in Denver.  It's all done now but I still insist on teasing my wife about the lot change.

There was a funny incident regarding the roof that didn't slow anything down (fortunately).  They roofers had done everything but the shingles.  They were supposed to come that Friday (two weeks ago now) and finish... except they went to the wrong location and it was finished at that one.  So Saturday our PM tells them then need to come finish it and again... they go to the wrong place and see it finished.  The following Monday it happened that same way again!  They did then get it on the following day but our PM was not pleased with them.  I just thought it was funny.

The front of our home.  The dirt is finally close to the right level (can't see the black sealant anymore)

Looking into the master bedroom from the Bonus Room

Looking at the little Bonus Room nook over the garage.

Standing in the guest room, looking through the closet towards the bathroom... nice duct work.

Laundry Room.  Can't you just picture in your head... maybe.

Front room (dining room in the plans but not for us).

Here is the luxury kitchen... can't you tell?

Here is looking from the Great Room/Kitchen area back towards the front door.
(From here I will say "Yes I see the front door, but I'm still not answering it!")

Here is some one putting up some plumbing... the kids were a little freaked to find out poop would be flowing through the walls.   Gotta love kids.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The latest news - and photos!!

Well the meeting with Trinity about the wiring went well. It was also nice to see how the house is coming along.  We had windows in a little more than half of the spots.  We did get a funny little mess-up pointed out in the Garage with the side door, but I won't mention it here and embarrass our PM since they are taking care of it.  There was also a door going into the garage from the mudroom that they will have to replace because the top pulled away a little bit on one side (not a big deal and it's nice how quickly they say they will replace something that isn't quite right.
Our pre-drywall is still Monday.  Most of the innards will be in place and just the wiring will be finishing up that day.  After that, there is some time scheduled for inspections that have to happen.  It'll take another week before the dry walling actually starts.  I'll give more details as soon as they are available.
We'll also post some pictures of the inside as soon as we can.  We took a lot of the inside pictures with our phones and haven't downloaded them yet.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Closer....

The trusses went up yesterday.....   The wood on the roof and the sheeting were today's job....
We have an appointment on Thursday (still) to go through the house with Trinity (wiring).  The full Pre Dry-Wall walkthrough is pushed back to Monday to allow more time for the innards to be in and to accomodate the husbands travel schedule.  However, as it turns out he will be traveling Sunday so it looks like he will have to see it all through FaceTime. 
The current schedule is to finish the roofing Wednesday and Thursday, HVAC Friday, Plumbing Friday and Monday, Wiring Monday and Tuesday, and Insulation after that.  It's nice to see it finally looking like a house and amazing that they are almost ready to move inside and start working on the guts of the house.

Second Floor

And just one day later, on Saturday....

Man, we really need to get the kids to start picking up after themselves.  The front yard is a mess! 
Note: Can you see two miscreants who snuck upstairs in the back window?

First Floor photos

Now I am caught up (mostly....) on uploading photos to the Mac.....


These are from last Friday....

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Adjustments and additions

Hello again!  The wife posted the pictures below so I only just added some wording to it just now.  Of course, now we are about to do the opposite.  I'm going to write about more work that's been done and the pictures will come this afternoon. 

We visited the site late yesterday and were able to see them finishing up (mostly) the first floor.  The outside walls were all up and it at least looked like a lot of the inside first floor was done.  They were getting everything reading for putting the floor onto the upstairs level Saturday (6/8).  We didn't get a good look around because they were working late and we didn't want to get in the way.  They are working all day Saturday so we probably won't go to see the progress until Sunday.  I'm hoping that the Saturday work includes getting the roof on because its supposed to rain early next week and I don't want the weather holding them up.  Still, it was nice to see the progress and it's more exciting now that it is starting to look more like a house.

They also dug the hole and poured the footers for our neighbor so we won't have to wait long to have someone living next to us!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Wood has Arrived - Let the Framing Begin!

Sorry for the delay but here are some words for the update:
We are very happy that things seem to be progressing at a good pace.  We got a call last week from our electrical people (Trinity) and scheduled a walkthrough for this upcoming Thursday.  Our PM was hoping to do the Pre Dry-Wall Walkthrough at the same time but in order to ensure that all the "innards" are in place in time, we will be doing that one on Monday the 16th.
Looking back in time... on Monday (6/2) we received our load of wood!  I was surprised by how much there was.  I guess I just hadn't given it much thought.  I love the smell of wood for some reason so it was fun to just stand there for a few moments.

They started putting in the floor for the main level on Wednesday.  They were originally going to start on Tuesday but the crew was hung up on another job.  Technically it put our work 1 1/2 days behind when all was said and done but Wes thinks they will be able to make the time up elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Address is official!

I was at the site yesterday because we thought framing was to begin yesterday.

New crew = delay of a day for us = :-(     but that's ok, things are moving :-)

Anyway, I stopped in the model - because, you know, when you have a 4 year old with you, well, you gotta go when you gotta go....

I thought I would take the opportunity to ask if Becca knew about when we'd have an "official" address - the answer was NOW!  She looked it up in her handy-dandy system, and was surprised to find out that it was already there!  

Didn't end up going today.  All they did today was put two 2" X 6"s around the top of the foundation...   The "anchor wood" if you will.

I am making a stop motion animation - I think - of the house being built (which would be SO MUCH EASIER if we actually lived anywhere near close!!!!!)  Because really, how many times do you get to make a time-lapse creation of your own home being built!?!?  But, fiscal issues may interfere...  I digress....

Anyway, not a whole lot of change in the photos I took yesterday from today, except that 4" of wood atop the foundation walls....   Tomorrow, however, should bring big change....  I hope!  

It's a basement!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Basement looks like a basement!

So there wasn't much change from the last time we visited except for the basement slab being poured but we still went down this past weekend to get a look at the progress.  It was fun to see an actual floor and seeing the stairs go up the back was surprisingly exciting.  It's hard to describe why looking at some dried cement can make you so giddy but it does. 

That being said, we had to cut short our trip when our youngest got sick from his breakfast.  He has an aversion to egg white and some must have gotten into his share of breakfast by mistake (at least that is our best guess).  He was fine by dinner but after getting sick on the way down to the house and then having a rather explosive trip to the bathroom at the model home... it was time to call it a day.

The framing is supposed to start today and the wife should have pictures of both the basement and the initial framing work later tonight.  The rest of this week should see a lot of visual changes to the outside.  Before too long it will start to slow down in terms of outward changes that are obvious and most of the big changes will start to move inside.  Either way, we are approaching the two month mark (when compared to "expected" closing).  We have also set our walk-through date with Trinity (the wiring company) for next Thursday.

I'm looking forward to the World Cup finally getting here to take my mind off of waiting for the house for awhile...