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Our House
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Months In


Three.  Months.  Three months!

I simply cannot believe how fast time flies!!!

We have neighbors!!  And, after a flurry of homes all being completed seemingly at once, things are a little quiet in the neighborhood.

I am still in the process of decorating - a process that will take about 15 more months (until tax return 2016 arrives), but I can already "see it" in my mind.

We had a few issues with move in - no home is 100% perfect - Ryan has handled them very well.  The worst thing, and potentially most expensive, was that when our pipes were laid from the water main to our house, there was a hole somewhere in the pipe.  36,000 gallons of water on one bill, and we just got our second water bill with another 31,000 gallons (there was about 2 weeks between the time the pipe was fixed and the next water bill).  About $900 worth of water bill.

Our 30 day post move in went well.  LADIES!  This is to you:
(Gentlemen, I will apologize now for the generalizations, don't hate me)

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES leave your husband to be the only one at home when they come by to make the repairs - unless there is a fully detailed and comprehensive list you have written as a guide.  Most men simply do not have our attention to detail.  They are made for "big picture" stuff.  My dearest love and the wonderful repairman Ryan sent got kind of "tunnel visioned" on a few of the things and kind of missed others....   And, dearest love signed the paperwork, so anything left - if Ryan wanted to be not so customer-focused - is now officially "our problem".  Luckily, Ryan is just awesome and the things that can be taken care of will be, and we're good.

By the way - did you know that the grout that seals the countertops to the backsplash will expand/contract with the seasons and leave a little "crack" in it?  Neither did we.  We know now, so be prepared :)

I think that's all the update for now.....     We are getting settled.  I am still trying to decide on window dressings.  I REALLY like the shutter-style wooden ones, but at $250-300 each, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon....   Right now we have redi-shade paper blinds in the windows until I can decide.  We have white "light filtering" in some windows, and black "light-blocking" one in others.  They make a nice - and VERY inexpensive - stopgap :)

I hope you are well and your home-building is going well!

Happy Fall!!!!!