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Our House
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Happening!

This photo was actually from last week.  The foundation walls had been poured, but they were still in the forms drying.

It was kind of interesting to go to the site and see the "brick pattern" of the walls.  I wonder if there is any real 'value' in doing them that way.  Seems like a decorative thing, but since that will all be underground....   I suppose that is for homes on an incline that will have a walkout basement to have it look nicer.  This photo kind of shows the form of the house.  The lower right corner of the photo is the area that will be under the garage.  The black is the waterproofing.  The mid-left of the photo is where the front 'porch' will be.

And here is the wonderful photo of what the ground looks like right now.  There was an inspector there when we went to the site sitting in a car (At least, I assume it was an inspector).  I know they were doing some of the "under the foundation" stuff to get ready to pour the flooring early next week.  It's happening!

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