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Our House
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Basement looks like a basement!

So there wasn't much change from the last time we visited except for the basement slab being poured but we still went down this past weekend to get a look at the progress.  It was fun to see an actual floor and seeing the stairs go up the back was surprisingly exciting.  It's hard to describe why looking at some dried cement can make you so giddy but it does. 

That being said, we had to cut short our trip when our youngest got sick from his breakfast.  He has an aversion to egg white and some must have gotten into his share of breakfast by mistake (at least that is our best guess).  He was fine by dinner but after getting sick on the way down to the house and then having a rather explosive trip to the bathroom at the model home... it was time to call it a day.

The framing is supposed to start today and the wife should have pictures of both the basement and the initial framing work later tonight.  The rest of this week should see a lot of visual changes to the outside.  Before too long it will start to slow down in terms of outward changes that are obvious and most of the big changes will start to move inside.  Either way, we are approaching the two month mark (when compared to "expected" closing).  We have also set our walk-through date with Trinity (the wiring company) for next Thursday.

I'm looking forward to the World Cup finally getting here to take my mind off of waiting for the house for awhile... 

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