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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Wood has Arrived - Let the Framing Begin!

Sorry for the delay but here are some words for the update:
We are very happy that things seem to be progressing at a good pace.  We got a call last week from our electrical people (Trinity) and scheduled a walkthrough for this upcoming Thursday.  Our PM was hoping to do the Pre Dry-Wall Walkthrough at the same time but in order to ensure that all the "innards" are in place in time, we will be doing that one on Monday the 16th.
Looking back in time... on Monday (6/2) we received our load of wood!  I was surprised by how much there was.  I guess I just hadn't given it much thought.  I love the smell of wood for some reason so it was fun to just stand there for a few moments.

They started putting in the floor for the main level on Wednesday.  They were originally going to start on Tuesday but the crew was hung up on another job.  Technically it put our work 1 1/2 days behind when all was said and done but Wes thinks they will be able to make the time up elsewhere.

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