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Our House
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Closer....

The trusses went up yesterday.....   The wood on the roof and the sheeting were today's job....
We have an appointment on Thursday (still) to go through the house with Trinity (wiring).  The full Pre Dry-Wall walkthrough is pushed back to Monday to allow more time for the innards to be in and to accomodate the husbands travel schedule.  However, as it turns out he will be traveling Sunday so it looks like he will have to see it all through FaceTime. 
The current schedule is to finish the roofing Wednesday and Thursday, HVAC Friday, Plumbing Friday and Monday, Wiring Monday and Tuesday, and Insulation after that.  It's nice to see it finally looking like a house and amazing that they are almost ready to move inside and start working on the guts of the house.

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