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Our House
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The latest news - and photos!!

Well the meeting with Trinity about the wiring went well. It was also nice to see how the house is coming along.  We had windows in a little more than half of the spots.  We did get a funny little mess-up pointed out in the Garage with the side door, but I won't mention it here and embarrass our PM since they are taking care of it.  There was also a door going into the garage from the mudroom that they will have to replace because the top pulled away a little bit on one side (not a big deal and it's nice how quickly they say they will replace something that isn't quite right.
Our pre-drywall is still Monday.  Most of the innards will be in place and just the wiring will be finishing up that day.  After that, there is some time scheduled for inspections that have to happen.  It'll take another week before the dry walling actually starts.  I'll give more details as soon as they are available.
We'll also post some pictures of the inside as soon as we can.  We took a lot of the inside pictures with our phones and haven't downloaded them yet.

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