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Our House
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Updating the progress...Drywall day!

The pre-Drywall walkthrough went well last week.  I was in Denver for the walkthrough but I've seen the pictures (which hopefully my wife will upload later today).  It's been awhile since I've found time to post (I'm back in Denver this week as well).  That being said, we've seen good progress.  All of the inside is done (wiring, plumbing, insulation, ducting, and whatever else I'm missing).  The inspection was yesterday and (since I haven't heard otherwise) they will do the drywall today.  From what our PM has said, they will get it all done today which is awesome.  Still mudding and sanding to come in the days to follow but it's nice to be at this point.

Haven't had any hiccups in our mortgage paperwork so far except for one.  Once again, our lot change at the beginning of the process bit us in the rear.  We got our official address and the paperwork had the wrong lot listed on it so we had to change the number and initial the change.  The problem was that only the number listed at the top got changed and the one in the body of the form didn't.  So we had to do it all over again which was difficult because I was in Denver.  It's all done now but I still insist on teasing my wife about the lot change.

There was a funny incident regarding the roof that didn't slow anything down (fortunately).  They roofers had done everything but the shingles.  They were supposed to come that Friday (two weeks ago now) and finish... except they went to the wrong location and it was finished at that one.  So Saturday our PM tells them then need to come finish it and again... they go to the wrong place and see it finished.  The following Monday it happened that same way again!  They did then get it on the following day but our PM was not pleased with them.  I just thought it was funny.

The front of our home.  The dirt is finally close to the right level (can't see the black sealant anymore)

Looking into the master bedroom from the Bonus Room

Looking at the little Bonus Room nook over the garage.

Standing in the guest room, looking through the closet towards the bathroom... nice duct work.

Laundry Room.  Can't you just picture in your head... maybe.

Front room (dining room in the plans but not for us).

Here is the luxury kitchen... can't you tell?

Here is looking from the Great Room/Kitchen area back towards the front door.
(From here I will say "Yes I see the front door, but I'm still not answering it!")

Here is some one putting up some plumbing... the kids were a little freaked to find out poop would be flowing through the walls.   Gotta love kids.


  1. Hello Jesse & Marybeth! So exciting to find someone so close to us. We have visited Magnolia Green 2x since we had plans to build and really love the community. We are building in Bealeton at Mintbrook. We don't actually have a start date since the community is still so new and the piping and roads are still in the process of being laid. But I look forward to following your journey! From the other blogs I follow, we are the only ones I see that are using Trinity instead of Guardian. I hope to hear great reports from you guys.. or at least fingers crossed about the process! :) Welcome to the Culpeper/Fauquier area.. I hope you all enjoy the area! It's really a different change from the true NoVa area. :)

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! We are looking forward to being in the area. So far our experience with Trinity has been good (although we didn't go for many extras). It was very easy to work with them and I didn't feel like the sales pitch was "high pressure". It was also nice that since it is a newer neighborhood (which should interest you even more) he suggested after our walkthrough that we contact the internet providers (Comcast and Verizon for our area) to make sure that lines had already been run so that they could add them if needed without needing to tear up yard later (since no sod in yet). Let us know if you have any questions at all as you move forward.

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