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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And, the horrid....

Photos forthcoming, but...........

My dearest love just got off the phone with the mortgage financier.  My heart and stomach are in my shoes right now.




So, my husband, since we have not heard anything from them in a very long time sent multiple emails over that last couple of weeks asking what our estimate would be for closing.  You know, because if there are any hiccups, you do NOT want to find out about them 48 hours prior to closing.  None of them were answered until today.


A few MONTHS ago, we paid ~$3000 for the flooring and wiring selections we made that were "upgrades".  For some reason, that payment was taken and all those transactions occurred, and the payment was basically applied to what we need for closing, instead of for the wiring and flooring.  So, our mortgage guy advises us to buy down a point and lock in the rate in order to make sure we will not have any hiccups with the loan approval, because we were close to the line of where we needed to be with debt ratios.  We were (pleasantly) surprised that the cost to buy that point down was as low as it was.  WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!  Nothing is EVER pleasant if it is a surprise and has to do with financing....

We budgeted $x amount to bring to closing - based on the good faith estimate from the mortgage people, you know, the experts.  A WEEK after my husband asked what was going on, the person tells us we need $2.5x for closing.  We had $2.5x, but when the "expert" told us we needed $x, we spent $x to get some furniture and a mattress and box spring - and thought that that extra $.5x would be our "safety net" in case something came up.

My love calls the mortgage guy and says "Can you follow up with Chrissy because she clearly has a very wrong amount?" He calls back and that is when we find out about this snafu.

My love and I were supposed to go out for a date tonight.  Guess what he is doing instead....  Getting papers and things together that are needed.

I am sick.  We were told $x.  NO COMMUNICATION UNTIL NOW, and now our closing is going to be pushed back, possibly by 2 weeks.  That is 2 more weeks - 14 more days in a small freaking hotel room with 4 kids!

Oh, and the $300 my love spent to take the bus from our new domicile to work, that would have taken effect on the 7th of the month, is now $ wasted because he may not use it until the 19th.  Also, we now have to reschedule Verizon, our movers (in August, yeah, that'll be fun!), our storage shed....


Can you tell I am just a little emotional about this.

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