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Friday, July 4, 2014


OK, so, as we are within 30 days of our pre-settlement walk-through.  I think it is time to "unveil" our 'materials' selections....

We chose Cherry Java for our cabinetry in the kitchen.  I have always been a fan of the darker cabinets.  The Tan-brown corian is what we chose.  The two pieces on the cabinet show the variations that can happen in the same material.  I am hoping for ours to be a cut more similar to the one on the left, but I will be pleased with whatever I get :)  

This photo shows the backsplash tiles and our flooring selection.  Hardwood in the kitchen was a must.  Originally, I was gong to go darker, but we didn't want the kitchen to be too overwhelmingly dark - even with all the amazing lighting we expect to have from the morning room.

 These selections are our Master Bath selections.  Our 'included' choices were either white or an almond-ish color for the wall tiles in the shower.  White is just too 'industrial' for my taste for a master bath, so we went with the other.  Only the one type of cabinet finish was included, and to be honest, when it comes to it choosing to upgrade that vs. adding extra rooms...   yeah, you know what we chose!

 This is our selection for the other bathroom upstairs.  This one'll be interesting because it is going to be the kids bathroom AND the guest bath....  I HAD to go white on the tile there because with the kids, I'll KNOW it's clean if it is pure white and I can smell the bleach....  I really do love the smell of bleach...   My borderline OCD is completely at rest when I see white and smell chlorine :)

The next "teaser" (I'll post those next weekend) will be the color selections I am reasonably sure we are going to go with....   I can say this much, though, the kids'/guest bathroom will be a color that will awaken even the sleepiest of children :)

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  1. I love that cherry java. I'm a fan of darker cabinets too. Good selections!