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Our House
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Home stretch... pun intended

The outside of the house is now almost completely finished.  All of the siding is up (picture to come shortly) and we have a full complement of windows (although one is cracked and will need to be replaced).  The only thing left to be done externally is the roofing over the front porch.  Inside, the kitchen cabinets are in and look great (except the one door that broke... it seems to be a theme).  So far the only biggies are the two mentioned and the door going to the garage still needs to be replaced.  Still plenty of time for that to happen though.  In addition to the kitchen cabinets, the upstairs bathrooms got their cabinets in and the tile was going into the showers while we were visiting.

Ironically, we also got our very first piece of mail while we were there.  Our home owners policy information was delivered while we were at the house.  The postal worker was driving by (and had already wrote to hold till a box was installed on the letter) when he saw us walking in and came and asked if we were the right people for the letter.

This coming week the hardwood is going in.  I haven't asked what else is happening but I'll post anything else that is going in this week after I talk to our PM Monday or Tuesday. 

I was also very happy with how cool the house was with the windows open (very good breeze) and no AC.  Not too bad for July in Virginia.  It did cause us to jump a few times when doors slammed from the draft ("Oh. So that's why the door was shut before we walked into the room.").

Three weeks from Tuesday is our closing and it's starting to seem more like waiting for Christmas after Thanksgiving... close enough to be excited but far enough away to still seem like forever till it gets here.

Our new cabinets.  Love the color.  Left is where the fridge will go.  You can see he spot where the double oven will go as well. 

The spacious bonus room 

The "kids" bathroom with it's tile and double sink... I'm afraid that is how the floor will eventually look again... 

The Stairway has it's railings!

 The view from the kitchen towards the morning room with the great room to the right (you can just see the fireplace).

Looking toward the basement/pantry/front door form the morning room and through the kitchen. 

The front of the house with the siding up!


  1. Everything looks great!! So exciting! What elevation is this? Doesn't look familiar to me. Also, we may have picked the same colors. We picked Sandy Tan siding, Pebble clay shake, black shutters, and a cottage red door.

  2. LaurLew, it is elevation 'K'. We also got the Pebble Clay shake and the Sandy Tan siding. Our door color was called "maroon", but I am willing to bet that the colors are VERY similar, if not identical :) We also got the black shutters.

  3. Everything looks great! Love the cabinets! You are so close to being done!!!! :)