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Our House
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the (not so) Ugly

The good: We are down to the last few weeks (14 days till closing and 8 till our walk-through).  We got to see the house this past weekend again.  The yard had been all prepped for adding in the sod this week.  The hardwood was in!!!!! (and covered with cardboard to preserve... but it was nice cardboard!) The faucets and outlets were all in!  The flooring was in the upstairs bathrooms!  There was blue tape everywhere!!! (that was just to mark the places for touch ups and fixes... and they will be busy this week).  Our Appliances were in!!! (except the double oven which requires a larger hole that they had marked but not made... but it looked great sitting in the living room!)  It also looks like we will only have to wait a few weeks to have neighbors (the house next to us was having drywall put in while we were checking out our place).

The bad: White tile in our bathroom.  It's fine if that's what you like (it's what we got in the kids/guest bathroom).  But the master bath was supposed to have the off-white tile (my wife would remember the fancy name).  We talked to our PM and he said they would still be able to get the right tile and sink color into the bathroom this week and it wouldn't set us back (so not too bad).  They also put our Trinity box in the wrong place.  I had confused them when I asked if the main breaker was in the correct place (because we had never discussed it and I had never paid attention at the model) and I guess he thought I wanted the Trinity box moved so they moved it from where I wanted it to under the stairs.  Now we've asked for it to be moved back to where it belongs (once again, no problem for our PM).  Did I mention the walk through is in 8 days?  I hate putting on my "picky" hat and having to go through and find anything that is "off".  I prefer to just bask in the excitement... but then I know that I'll be spending the next few months complaining about that one cabinet door that is askew (I already noticed that a number of the kitchen cabinets are not lined up right... but they may be taking care of that as we speak).

The ugly: Did I mention all that blue tape!  Okay there really isn't anything for here but the movie title fit better this way. 

Anyway... the better half should be adding some pictures from our visit later.  They will be the last set of pictures till what we can get during the walkthrough.


  1. Oh gosh I feel ya on wearing the picky hat. I'll keep my mouth shut until the rest of our home comes together and then maybe... just maybe... I'll start pickin' away. lol.

    But yay! Your home is coming together quickly! Almost at the home stretch! Also, is the off-white tile called, "almond"? lol

  2. Kimmie, it is almond. And we have such an amazing PM - every time I find something "wrong", I get very apologetic, and then he reminds me that he is happy that we are so involved. He said that the more involved we are, the better he can do to give us exactly what we want and make us happy.... I suppose that's why Ryan homes has such a great rep for having good customer service!