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Thursday, April 24, 2014

And Then There Wasn't....

A delay, that is......  Well, maybe a little one, but not one that is going to affect our "Finish Date" :)

I received a call today from our AWESOME salesperson, Becca, and we are on the list for construction to begin the week of 5/12 and our end date is still listed as 8/8.

So, in 30 years, when we are done with our mortgage payments, I am going to look lovingly at my husband and say "Was there something you wanted to say, my dear?"

I think that maybe my Love owes me a gift (not for being awesome, because I am not, not really... but for stressing out over something out of his control).   And really, would you knowingly CHOOSE to have the big green ugly box in your front yard, if you could help it?  I saved us from having an eyesore in the yard (or having to get one of those "fake rock" covers for the thing..)

 I have decided that I would like two of these in the yard:

Isn't it pretty?

I have always had this dream of being able to tell the kids to "go outside and play - and eat your lunch while you're out there!"  The seller claims: "Attractive and edible! Enjoy the best of both worlds: Dainty white blossoms in the spring with silvery-green leaves that turn red in the fall for ornamental appeal and tasty cherries in the summer for an edible bonus. " 

Click here for a link to their website.  Stark Bros has some very nice products.  We bought an apple tree from them when we lived in Kentucky - and then moved before it was old enough to bear fruit :(
That won't be a problem this time!

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