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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catch up on activity....

My lady will continue to keep the decorating posts up to date but I thought a little on where we are in the process would help.  On 4/14 we got approval for our loan.  That was a relief (although until the keys are in hand... I'll never be comfortable).  We also got a date for our pre-construction meeting (5/2).  Our ground-breaking date should be set this week (I may update this post with that when it becomes available).  It was tenative for 5/8 but we switched lots early on so that might have caused a short delay due to the need to change the information on the permits.  Despite that, they don't feel it will effect our expected finish (we'll see!).  Once we get a more detailed schedule I'll post a timeline.  I've found a couple that I like on other blogs.  One of the frustrations in researching this stuff was that so many people keep up their timeline untill about halfway through and then stop adding dates.  I promise not to let you down!

Not much else to post right now until the work starts and pictures can begin to roll in!

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