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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The end of design choices... 30 days in

Today (4/13/2014) we had our 30 day review.  There wasn't much that we changed... a light here or there.  The most exciting part for me was setting the Pre-Construction date (5/2).  Our estimated ground-breaking is still May 7th or 8th but we should get a more accurate date this week.

We did have some excitement with financing.  We got a email from our Senior Loan Officer asking for documents that we had already provided.  After a flurry of emails (including one harshly worded one from me) everything was taken care of nicely.  We are on schedule to get an answer back from underwriting this coming week.  The financial hurdles can be as satisfying to pass as the home building ones. 

Most of the time that we've had since the last posting has been spent looking for decorating ideas.  I have more trouble conceptualizing color schemes and ideas without being able to see it in full so most of the work fell to my wife.  I did enjoy occasionally throwing in my worthless two cents (I usually got change back).  Anyway... I think I'll let her give you the update on how the decoration plans are going....

And that will be in a post in the (very near) future.

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