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Our House
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Thoughts on Designs... Nebulous though they be.....

MB here.

Well, we have, at the very least, decided on the basics.

We are getting "Elevation K"

The Main Floor -

The Upstairs - 

The photos reflect the options we chose for our home.  (Sorry, the photos are links on the Ryan Website.  If you are interested in seeing their photos, click here.)
We do have all the optional side windows.  Let the light shine in!

And, for the first time ever - I GET A DOUBLE OVEN!!!!   Can I just tell you how excited I am!?!?  
We opted for the Tray Ceiling in the Owner's Bedroom.  It was a real struggle for me whether or not to get the soaking tub.  The thought of spending an hour just soaking with some Chianti, Vivaldi, a few candles and a good book...  Well...  I get a bigger closet and two sinks in both upstairs bathrooms.  And, with 4 kids, having dual sinks in the kids' bathroom makes toothbrushing time a little easier ;)  And, also, 4 kids...  Soaking time might happen in another 20n years.  Why get a tub now I can't use -my way- for that long, right?

Our final bedroom choices are in.  Obviously my Dear Love and I will be in the Owner's Bedroom.  Bedroom 4 goes to the boys.  Bedroom 3 will be the Princess Room.  Bedroom 2 will be the Guest Room.  The HUGE Bonus Room...  That, dear reader, will be a "Creative Space" - craft room, sewing room, kids want to paint/color/decoupage/whatever room....  I plan to spend the time I would have spent in the tub in the Bonus Room.  At least for the next few years :)

So, my future posts will be a room by room breakdown of ideas I have for decorating.  Because, you know, contractor white walls - well, the only word that comes to my mind is "Nope".  


  1. I'm struggling with the same master bathroom decision now! Letsbuildourhome.blogspot.com. Love your pics!

  2. It was a REALLY tough call for me - and one that I STILL am second (third and fourth) guessing myself on. If you can afford the upgrade, get the tub. I was being "smart" because it was either the tub for me, or the double sinks in the other upstairs bathroom. (The smaller space in the closet was not really a huge factor because I love simplicity and do not have a lot of "stuff"...) Looking back, I think I may have tried to sell a kid or a kidney for the tub ;) (just kidding, but I do wish I had been able to do both, tub AND double basin sinks)